Carly Lopez originally hails from Granby, Connecticut ...

where she grew up singing, telling stories, and acting for her engineer parents and 3 siblings. 

Carly moved to South Florida in 2010 to earn her Bachelor's degree in Musical Theatre at Palm Beach Atlantic University. After college, Carly spent the summer in the UK volunteering for an organization that holds street festivals to boost morale and trust within underserved neighborhoods. She witnessed that storytelling was an almost magical vehicle that built empathy and kinship between diverse communities. She returned with the passion to be actor/storyteller on stage and in film in hopes of growing her empathy and the empathy of audiences. 

After a few roles with the Palm Beach Shakespeare Festival, including Hamlet's Ophelia, Carly made the move to LA to pursue her acting career in the Fall of 2015.

She is now living in Pasadena, California with her husband and cat, Luzie.